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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 20 September 2011]

Blade Runner keyboard

Nic really can’t understand how his keyboard gets so dirty.

I made your keyboard

Nexus 6, eh? I made your keyboard.
Click for larger version.

I’m what you’d call germ-conscious, so I wash my hands all the time. Really. All the time. Not Lady-MacBeth-all-the-time, sure, but often. My fingers are soft, pink, and lovely.

So how does my keyboard end up as grimy as a Detroit bus? And why that pattern around the arrow keys? I hit the keys, really; I don’t stroke the flat area like some kind of ink-stained pervert.

Oh, and Apple? Could we pretty please get a Bluetooth keyboard with full-sized inverted-T arrow keys and a keypad at some point? Thank you.

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