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[By Nic Lindh on Saturday, 09 January 2021]

Hummingbird Dog Fight

Hummingbirds fighting for dominance in a Phoenix backyard.

I was outside folding laundry during my Holiday break, enjoying the Phoenix weather, when I noticed the backyard hummingbirds were being super aggressive.

They are always aggressive, don’t get me wrong, such aggressive little bastards, but that day was special. So I decided to go hang out by the feeder and wait for the next fight.

Which you can see above.

If you’re not from an area with hummingbirds, the feeder is serving them sugar water dyed red, which they love. I’m fairly sure the sugar water doesn’t have to be dyed and that it’s the color of the dispensers that attracts the birds. But I am not a hummingbird expert—I just enjoy having their hyper-aggressive little selves around.

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