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A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 24 July 2013]

Rejoice, peasants

Nic is exasperated by the mania surrounding the birth of a child.

I should be too mature to get worked up about this, but the hysterical coverage of an inbred family managing to pop out a child is just so … depressing.

Do you guys not remember why we got rid of royalty in America? Remember how it was an amazingly shitty and anti-democratic way to run a country? A system that inevitably lead to rule by crackpot incompetents? Ever opened a history book?

It’s sad enough the British have somehow managed to conflate national pride with a bunch of people who leech off their taxes. Sad, but perhaps understandable. It does rain a lot over there.

(I think I’m using the term British correctly. It gets pretty confusing.)

But in America? People, people. We solved this problem. We have celebrities now. The people who for whatever reason need to fill their lives with the goings-on of people they don’t know have celebrities for that. And the beauty of the celebrity system is that we can change them when they get boring! It’s brilliant. Plus they don’t use any tax money—it’s all funded by the people who give a crap about the pretty people.

The whole idea of somebody being born into a position without it having anything to do with their personal qualities should boil the blood of anybody who thinks democracy is a good idea. Perhaps too few people do.


Oh, and CNN? Staaaahhhhhp.

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