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A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Monday, 27 October 2003]

Fifteen seconds of sort-of fame

Looks like Scoble somehow found my little rant and linked back to it. Right on.

So if you’re coming here from the Scoble links, let me explain briefly what’s going on here: I’m a big nerd. I love technology. I especially love operating systems. There’s just something fabulous about installing a brand-new OS and digging around in it. An operating system says so much about the culture of the company (or insomniac Chinese) who created it. Anthropology through operating systems? Why not?

Of course the main thing about any OS is, does it let you get your job done? And at this point in time I’d say, unless you do something that really requires a specialized vertical application, any OS will let you get your job done. But the bar has been raised. Since most knowledge workers these days spend eight hours or more in front of their monitors, it also becomes a question of, how well does it support you?

Right now, for my money, Panther is King of the Hill. But when a company with the resources of Microsoft goes all out and “bets the company” on a new operating system, it should be interesting to see what comes out of it. So I’m watching for Longhorn news. If it turns out to live up to the hype when it comes out, I’ll ditch my Mac and go for it. If it doesn’t, I’ll provide feedback to Microsoft about why it doesn’t.

Hope you enjoy the site and check back in the future.

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