The Core Dump

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 25 November 2003]

Uh-oh. Nerd alert

Found this little bit of humor on Eric.Weblog():

Top Eight List:Clues that You Might be a Geek

0 – You number things from zero instead of one, because that’s what a C programmer would do.

1 – You love numbers that are powers of two. Instead of “Top Ten” lists, you do “Top Eight”.

2 – The word “blog” doesn’t sound stupid to you anymore.

3 – You still don’t understand why anyone would name a pharmacy after a version control system.

4 – You plan to give all your children names which are expressible in hex.

5 – You think the nominees for best actress this year should be Trinity, Mystique, Arwen, and T-X.

6 – You know at least one person whose computer has less RAM than your video card.

7 – This holiday season, instead of emailing your greeting cards, you’re planning to just publish an RSS feed.

I’m busted on number 0, 2, 3, 6, and, God help me, 7, even though I realize the idea won’t work, so I guess I’m not completely hopeless. Three is really funny. I thought I was the only one. I’m sure Andrea will be happy when she grows up that I didn’t go for number four.

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