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[By Nic Lindh on Tuesday, 16 December 2003]

Whoa! A paradigm shift!

Apparently Windows XP Service Pack 2 will change the machine default configurations to a more locked-down state.

Among the changes arean updated, default firewall; more restrictions over remove procedure calls and access-control restrictions; support for the Bluetooth 1.1. standard; and security upgrades to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. It will disable Windows Messenger Service, often used by spammers to sneak in pop-up ads, and simplify the Windows Update service. Outlook Express no longer will download external content by default and will be more circumspect with attachments.To which I would like to say: About f***ing time.

According to the article linked above, “experts” are calling this a “paradigm shift.” Wow. A paradigm shift. No, it’s not a paradigm shift, unless the previous paradigm was, “Ship our product wide open and greased up.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Windows XP will by default become more secure. That is great, and long overdue. But let’s not fall all over ourself talking about “What Microsoft is doing here is to deliver a tangible and clear business value … and show customers, look, we’re making a clean environment for you from a security-feature and a usability-feature standpoint.”

They’re fixing stuff that is broken. As they should.

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