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[By Nic Lindh on Thursday, 25 October 2012]

Smoking spareribs on the Kamado

Nic levels up on the grill by smoking spareribs on his Kamado. Tasty, tasty ribs.

It was time to up the ante on the Kamado grill by using it as a smoker. Smoking on the name-brand Big Green Egg is well documented, to say the least, but I was interested to see how my CostCo-bought Vision Grill would perform. Read on to find out.

Ribs all rubbed up.

Home-made rub made with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, thyme, and paprika. Tasty.

Smoking temperature.

It was harder than I thought to keep the temperature low enough for smoking. And no, I don't clean the outside of the grill often. The food goes on the inside.

To keep the temperature low enough, the lower vent needs to be almost closed.

To keep the temperature low enough, the lower vent needs to be almost closed.

Upper vent.

Same goes for the upper vent.

Ribs ready for the table.

After smoking for three hours, I wrapped the ribs in aluminum foil with brown sugar and apple juice and let them sit for another hour.

Spare ribs with a side of corn on the plate.

Finished product on the plate. Tastes even better than it looks.

The meat falls off the bones.

The meat falls off the bones.

For more pictures of hot BBQ action, please visit my 4th of July post.

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