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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 25 April 2012]

Sweet, sweet BBQ

Nic loves his Kamado grill so much he makes a video about grilling on it.
Barbecue on a Kamado-style grill.

Grilling on a Kamado-style grill, a.k.a. an Egg, is a different experience from any other style of grilling you may have done. Since the Egg is ceramic and sealed, it provides a beautiful mixture of a charcoal grill and a wood-burning oven and allows you to grill better than ever before.

Single, manly tear. It’s fantastic. But I gushed about all this in a previous post—read about it there.

It turns out that I enjoy the Kamado so much I decided to shoot a video demonstration. Basically it’s five and a half minutes of grilling up first some chicken thighs, then some corn in the husk and for the piéce de resistance searing steaks at 600F. Let’s get one thing straight: grilling things on a Kamado is fantastic: moist and excellent. But searing. Oh, searing steaks on this thing is magic, yielding meat that melts in your mouth.

I highly suggest you play the video embedded above and join me in my new religion.

Some nerd notes about the video: Shot on a Nikon D90 using the built-in mic, which yielded surprisingly adequate sound. There’s a droning noise in parts of the video, but that’s not the fault of the D90; it’s an air conditioning unit running. (If you live in Northern climes, yes, Phoenix broke 100F (38C) on the day in April this was shot, so the A/C was necessary.) It would be nice to have a directional mic pointed right at the grill to pick up nothing but the sizzle, but apparently I’m supposed to use my money to provide food and shelter for my child, or so my wife tells me.

So, go ahead and hit play and enjoy the bonus flaming corn husks of doom! (One of the take-aways from this grill session was to not leave corn in the Egg while you bring it to 600F. Husks are flammable.)

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