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Dodgers Stadium. Photo: Tom Denne
Dodgers Stadium. Photo: Tom Denne

[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 11 March 2018]

Smell the Foam Finger

Nic starts a new podcast about—gasp!—American sports.

I’ve started a second podcast. If you know me personally, the topic will shock you: Sports! And not just sports, but American sports.

I obviously don’t know anything about American sports, so I enlisted a friend to help out with the knowledge. Meet my co-host: Tom Denne.

The impetus for Smell the Foam Finger is that I’m a systems thinker, meaning I have a compulsive need to understand how things work. And sports make up such a large part of the fabric of American society, a part I understand next to nothing about. So I wanted to learn more. And Tom sure loves talking about sport. Boy, does he ever.

So let’s kill two birds with one stone! I’ll learn about American sports and others who also want to understand more about it can follow along on the ride.

I do realize there’s probably about three American nerds who want to go on this journey, but the cunning plan/hope is that sports-interested people from outside the U.S. would like to understand the sports they are exposed to in American movies and TV. Hopefully those people will enjoy being provided a greater understanding of the American sports scene.

If you listen and think to yourself, “Is it even possible that Nic is that ignorant of sports?” the answer is yes. Yes, I am that ignorant.

But hey, I’m trying.

Join us on this journey of self-improvement, why don’t you?

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