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[By Nic Lindh on Wednesday, 09 November 2011]

Cain and the Democratic conspiracy

The harrassment charges against Cain and the sad kabuki theater of the Republican nominations.

I rarely write topical posts, but the sad, delusional kabuki theater that is the Republican nomination process has been grating on my sanity for a while now, and Cain’s impressively delusional notion that the sexual harrassment accusations against him are part of a “Democrat Machine” conspiracy finally tripped my wire.

(Note the use of “Democrat” instead of “Democratic.” Somehow it’s a badge of honor for far-right Republicans to keep not using their opposition’s real name. One day psychologists will sort out why they are so hell-bent on this kind of kindergarten behavior.)

Deep breath.

First off, I don’t know if the accusations are true or not, and neither does anybody but the accusers and Cain himself.

But Cain is an arrogant clown with his unworkable, unrealistic and underhanded 9-9-9 plan. That he’s a frontrunner for the post of President of the United States is like a bad Fellini movie.

As a matter of fact he’s such a clown that the White House would be giddy at the prospect of Obama facing him in the 2012 election. But they’re not giddy because they know there’s no way it’ll be Cain. The fix is in. Unless he gets caught walking naked down the street carrying the chopped-off head of a hooker, it’s Romney for the republicans in 2012 .

Why won’t it be Cain? Because Obama would stomp Cain like a bug. That’s just reality. Cain is a favorite of the ultra-right. He can’t turn around and make himself presentable to the middle of the political bell curve. The calculus is not difficult.

So, if this is a dirty tricks campaign, it’s a civil war. It’s the republican powers-that-be making sure the fix stays in.

If it’s a dirty tricks campaign. Again, we don’t know.

And with that I’m putting my headphones back on and going back to my attempts at forgetting this whole debacle is happening at all…

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