The Core Dump

A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures

[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 26 August 2012]

Two Americas, one good one bad

Nic immigrated to an America that looks to the future and uses science and engineering to make the world as great as possible. And then there's another America.

The Curiosity Rover successfully landing on Mars and the passing of Neil Armstrong (manliest of men, who piloted a space ship to the Moon) has me thinking of the glory of America and how it’s devolving into two countries, one an America that finds new frontiers and conquers them with a positive outlook, science, and engineering, an America that doesn’t just look to the future, but lives in the future, relishes the future and can’t wait to overcome any problems that gets in its way.

That’s the America I immigrated to. That’s the America I live in. That’s the America in which I want my daughter to grow up.

Mars! We went to Mars! And we have a 360 panorama of Mars to show for it! Let’s take a step back here and think about it. Citizens of America sat in an office and figured out a way to take an SUV and transport it to, yes, mother-effing Mars! and then they made it happen. Americans made that happen. That’s massive. Mars!

And then there’s the other America. Sigh. The America that would prefer to live in a mud hut, shivering as the Thunder God makes his way across the sky, rejecting every scientific advancement since the Enlightenment as some kind of socialist trap to make the American male less, well, American.

These are the kind of people who believe—and this is so hard to comprehend—that females can spontaneously abort children that result from rape and that HIV rarely spreads through heterosexual sex.

Yep. Things like that. And in this particular nightmare, the people who create the laws of America actually believe these things.

Few things scare me more. The country that has done the most for science and enlightenment on this planet is carrying a cancerous growth of people whose Weltanschauung is that God hates us all because we haven’t killed all the gays and black people can vote and thus the world will be destroyed soon, probably next Tuesday. That’s completely mind blowing and frightening.

On the one hand, enough raw science and math to put a mother-effing SUV on Mars and on the other hand a mindset that would get you branded an idiot and kicked out of the village in the middle ages, and they’re both here, now, in America today.

It’s very, very scary.

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