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[By Nic Lindh on Sunday, 05 February 2012]

Photo safari to Cleator and Watson Lake

Nic is dragged along on a photo safari to rural Arizona.

Watson Lake, Ariz.

Watson Lake. Click the image to see a slideshow

My idea of a weekend drive is to go to CostCo, so I was very happy my friend Joe talked me into a photo safari to the real Arizona outside Phoenix.

There’s an old joke goes something like, “be careful when you leave Atlanta because you’re about to go into Georgia.” The same is very true in Arizona. The Phoenix metroplex, with all its problems, is a major American city, whether it wants to be or not (hint: it doesn’t), but it’s a city nevertheless. Once you leave Phoenix, though, you’re in Arizona.

And Arizona brings it, Deliverance style.

We went to Cleator (five houses, two trailers, a general store and, obviously, a bar) and Watson Lake, which is beautiful in a surreal way. (The links go to Google Maps). Click the image above for a slideshow.

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